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Welcome to how to be a walking Momtra™!

December 15, 2010

offering to buddha, po lin monastery, hong kong

WELCOME to how to be a walking Momtra™! The blog inspired by yoga aimed at stretching modern-day Moms’ happiness with simple Momtras, wisdom from around the world, fresh tips and inspiring stories that hit close to home.

how to be a walking Momtra™?

Momtras exist and walk among us. They’re a bit (or all) of corporate whipper-snappers, sunglass and yogawear-wearing wonders and entrepreneurs that have a fresh idea for just about any situation. They’re you, your neighbor, your neighbor’s neighbor, the chick you sat next to on the airplane. We are all walking Buddhas. Or, can be…

Walking Momtras are women who embrace their individuality and the change that is parenthood (and life). They are women who grow the confidence and individuality of their kids, practice the art of acceptance, live with gratitude for all they are and have, and, last but not least, live chalk-full of anticipation versus minutes, hours and days filled with expectation.

She is today’s (as in the 21st century’s) Mom who continually wants to be more self-aware, cozy in her own skin and therefore happier, both for herself and her children. She is intimately connected to the fact that her children are looking to her for the way to be (and breathe) in the world. She realizes world peace begins with her own family, and to these ends practices:
• making time for herself, regularly. (dance-a-jig-worthy)
• walking confidently down the path less-traveled (yep, you may very well be and look different sometimes).

• taking it all (work, home, paparazzi, even your yoga practice) less seriously.

• having a back-up plan if the sitter cancels so she can go to yoga.

• not only showing-up but glowing-up for her kids.

• substituting a negative thought with a positive one (there are loads and there IS loads to be grateful for, if you need help, email htbawM and we’ll send you a few).

• channeling support and really being a part of the village and, in turn, feels able to ask the village for help (ixney on judgment to fellow Moms).

• taking time for deep breathing. even three breaths during a busy moment is fuel. (for you runners, think gel pack)

• choosing Momtras and other stories she tells herself WISELY [we can not impress this upon you enough: you are what you (rep)eat, you are what you (rep)eat, you are what you (rep)eat].

• really walking the walk, or, daily practicing of these simple truths or Momtras for a long period of time, in all earnestness (what earnestness has to do with it:

• and, because, similar to the story of Buddha, walking Momtras also occasionally or frequently (whatever the case may be for the month or year) fall off the proverbial horse, she gets right back on practicing cuz that’s what this motherhood thing is ~ a practice. Just like yoga.

What is a Momtra?

A Momtra is a mantra specifically for Moms.

Momtra comes from mantra which is a sacred word or phrase that is repeated to deeply  center oneself; many times considered sacred, it is also capable of creating transformation.

A Momtra then is a Mom-focused mantra that aids in calling in what modern Moms want, or need, more of. Vital life elements such as peace (while chaos abounds around her), focus (multi-tasking is not always something to champion for or to be champion of), humor (we love ourselves and our offspring best with loads of this floating around), more time for self (which might mean calling in more creativity) and, always, calling in the ability to stay connected to your authentic truth.

How do I recite a Momtra?

Recite and repeat a Momtra with quiet focus and sincerity towards what you are calling in (and is already yours). Momtras do not discriminate. You can practice them wherever you are and whenever you have time.

• first, close the eyes. whether parked waiting for Johnny to finish soccer practice or in a quiet room with ten minutes for yourself (no one is judging; go ahead and turn on a flick for mini-me)

• let’s hear you breathe, really breathe; ten breaths to get centered (ujjayi or victory breath, try to let go of that shallow breath we all normally walk around practicing in our rushed lives)

• open the eyes. remember how great that deeper breathing felt.

• read Momtra, either the one provided here or one of your choosing, out loud or quietly. take pause and stay plugged into the thought. why did this Momtra find you today? how can you actively seek this out more in everyday life?

• while breathing that life-giving breath, repeat your Momtra 3x. repetition helps thought become words; helps words become actions and eventually helps actions become a new habit.

• lastly (but sometimes not so easily) put this idea into practice as much as you can every day. if you fall off, that’s ok, just start practicing your truth again from that moment on.

Jot down any Momtra that resonates into the notepad of that fancy new iPhone 4 and read it when you need it most (visual reminders help to best remember a new concept).

Your December Momtra:

“I am my best teacher” 3x

[close eyes • breathe • take pause/connect • picture what this looks & acts like • then repeat slowly, minimum 3x, much more if you can]

It does not matter to me how green my neighbors grass is nor do I attach to that glare at the grocery store during mini-me’s melt down. Humans are curious and opinionated beings. I know this at a deep level and therefore realize none of it means I have to change a thing.

There is only one guru ~ you. Only you know what is best for your family.

Momtras are about calling in what we need more of, remember, so call on this one as needed during this rushed season and family heavy time (where opinions can float like the lint in your wine) for fuller enjoyment of the present moment, those around you (especially the little humans) and the breaking of challah, fruit cake and/or sugar cookies. Seriously enjoy the holidays! The days are long but the years are short, walking Momtra. The days are long but the years are short.

Now…as much as we want you to connect weekly to this platform (dig on its stories and Momtras etc), we want to leave you with just one teensie reminder: you do not need anything outside of yourself to walk happy. First ~ stand tall (spine erect) and see how that changes your outlook. Second, know that htbawM will be here to simply remind you (not tell you) how to better access the fountain of both knowledge and happiness you already have in there. With that in mind, kindly comment and let us know what you want more of, what creative things you do to walk the walk. We love hearing from readers (and right now that we’re small we can tickety-tack each of you back!).

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