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Happy first days of 2011 (you bubbly?)

January 1, 2011

(cheers; salud)

Here’s to finding the things that make you happy. And to doing more of these things in 2011 (as in ~ a lot more). [insert cocktail joke here]

Here’s wishing the same for your kids. [cue sparkling apple cider]

Besides a few key items such as Legos, Wii, Pillow Pets, princess regalia, their ipod and/or Tech Decks we bet they’d answer “Time [with you]” when asked what makes them happiest.

We hear it all the time as parents but why not tout it again: continue really taking time this year ~ right now (today).

Stepping out of the box and pushing yourself to doing something you wouldn’t normally do, for example, might bring a renewed freshness to the days and to your relationship with your child/ren yet it need not involve intricate research, building or trips up to space as in the link to the short vid below. (Though what kid(s), even if it didn’t work out as it did for this father/son team, wouldn’t sooo dig the lead-up and planning to a project like this? Not to mention the devoted time with their parent which is what we’re talking about on these first days of ’11. Epic on so many levels; talk about remembering a time ~ a moment ~ forever).

In short, think simple, even short, but focused time. On them.

And even if you caught this video when it was first going ’round, please enjoy it anew. What follows is a htbawM favorite thing of 2010 and…Oprah had nada to do with it (you won’t regret the 6 minutes – plus it’s wrapped in a big, virtual red bow): (

how to be a walking Momtra: search out your happiness and that of your kids, giving what is needed and watching the result.


There is only one guru ~ you.                                                   ——————————————————————————————————     Happy New Year and welcome to a post script introduction to the THINGS THAT MAKE US HAPPY canvas: a creative daily family reminder of what being happy means to everyone so you can do more of those things ~ together. Please check out Creativity RULES page for more on the idea.





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