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(take it less) Seriously and Enlighten Up (a film)

January 4, 2011











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It’s Tuesday. One of the most dull’icious days in htbawM’s opinion because it’s like a crippled Monday.  And Mondays are, well, Mondays. Tuesday is also still a ways off from the early Friday which is Thursday. To complicate the sitch we’re all probably needing “Holiday Break Take 2” this Tuesday (and probably next Tuesday, for that matter).


Goes a long way.

You can make it (easiest form) or you can see it in probably a few things (or people) around you. Either way, it’s yours. And by the way, on a related note, it’s ok to laugh at your child…just do it around the corner (and quietly) like two parents I know did yesterday. Five years olds and their almost adult-like ability to take themselves (too) seriously ~ yowzas.

Other days, that humor can actually come during, before or after yoga.Yoga is not and doesn’t have to be serious. It is funny. The positions, the names of the poses. The little shorts. It’s refreshing when yoga teachers remind you “It’s just yoga” because it is. And, “it’s just work” and “it’s just an interview (and the interviewee is human too and is probably smidge nervous meeting a new person, didn’t have adequate time to prep etc etc), “it’s just a sprain”, “it’s just a cold”, “it’s just a car” or “it’s just a broken wine glass”. Or as I continue telling myself in this book-writing experience: “it’s just thoughts and tickety-tacking”.

There’s a slew of things we humans take too seriously because we let our mind run rampant. We believe we have no control over  it but we do. We start thinking, and worse, repeating How much the glass cost, “it was the last one”, red wine ended up staining the carpet and continue like this sometimes for days causing our own pain which is silly (why do you want to hurt yourself?). And, what does all this really matter? It’s true it’s “matter”, that which occupies space and carries physical weight, yet it doesn’t hold life weight. really. And we all know this, of course, 10 steps or a week removed from the situation. The hard part is practicing that detachment (asking yourself that question) in that very moment.

Now, many of us might be working towards world peace or eradicating poverty  and those are serious things. We need to think about those more, run scenarios in our heads of how we can make time to help or do our part in giving whatever we can financially. Helping heal a chronically-sick child ~ also serious.

In yoga as in life, the only slightly serious thing might be injury. And this happens in both experiences because we tense up, we stop breathing, we start to compete, try to control and grip everything (stress). We take it too seriously and, as a result, make each to-do or interaction hurt more than it has to. We end up injuring ourselves, physically and/or emotionally. It’s amazing but pain/painful symptoms in the low back, obviously in the shoulders/necks/cervical spine and even hips can come from stress. We think we slept funny or injured it running the last few months but often times it’s stress.

Whether you’ve been once, will try yoga in the near future or currently go a couple or few times a week just remember to laugh if you fall out of a balance pose or if you dare, smile at your neighbor. Maybe they need the reminder that it’s not that serious. Also, chant the “Om’s” (dare you to do it as loud as the teacher), c’mon, it won’t kill you. Neither will closing the eyes. Honestly, it’s more embarrassing when you’re embarrassed.

The film/documentary Enlighten Up is interesting for this reason. A skeptic-slash-newbie does yoga for something like 200 straight days to see if it will be a transformative experience. In A humble opinion, the creator and new-yogi of the film maybe both take it all a bit too seriously? Question is, does he stick with yoga and does he find himself changed in any way? Either way, cool to check out.

How seriously do you take yourself? We all have good and ‘other’ kinds of days, but in general, are you a seriouso? Or, seriosa? Maybe get in and try yoga for the first time/do more yoga/doesn’t really matter what it is but search out any way to relax and grip less. There is time for it if you really want it. Do it tonight or definitely by the next slightly dull’icious Tuesday and start a rhythm of something.

Benefits to the pose [Parsvottanasana, intense side stretch] Superman (and Barbie, once you click into the photo above) are doing:

  • Calms static up in that brain of ours
  • Stretches and breathes life into the spine which we all need for our later lives
  • Strengthens legs to be able to run after a toddler running into the street and prevent pulled muscles because you haven’t exercised them in a while
  • Improves digestion and helps with your balance…ah, look at that, balance!

Here’s to bowing to whatever this version of Tuesday and your remaining week has to offer. Namaste.

There’s only one guru ~ you.

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