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Drunken Buddha recipe and Swami’s advice

February 23, 2011

Happiness is sitting in a hot tub with girlfriends and a cocktail on a holiday weekend after riding bikes in the pouring rain.

Drunken Buddha cocktail: rum, fresh nutmeg & ginger, cane syrup (sub in raw agave?) and apple juice. To see how to make it, click here.

It is also coming back to a home where a husband and a son say “Sure!” to getting pedicures with you and who, by the looks on their faces (as well as those on your girlfriends), are as happy about the moment as you are.

It’s such an enjoyeable version of happiness: feeling we are happy and those around us are too. (happy in the relationship / conversation / activity but just happy, with us, period).  It’s quite the opposite of “blissed out” when someone is not happy with us, however, whether we ‘imagine’ it or words confirm it.

Happiness and detachment are two things almost always discussed side-by-side in the yoga world/Buddhism/Hinduism. Attempt to find contentment and/or give to others, for example, but do not be attached to the outcome. Don’t have an expectation.

Even though we fail some (MOST?) times at attempting this, practice really does make better. Steady practice is worth gold in z yoga world and this is no different. Being able to connect with the fact there will be days of equilibrium and days of disequilibrium is at the core. This is what practicing anything is all about, the knowledge and expectation of the up and down.

Recently I heard Swami Kriyananda speak in LA. Cutest, closest thing to a living Buddha in royal blue silk you’ve ever seen.  His one nugget of advice over two hours for finding your bliss? Try, every day, to get over your ego like you want to get over a bad cold.

I expected him to say everything else but that for some reason.

Timely.  The advice comes at a time in a professional life that is seeing loads of ego walking in the door. Let me tell you the rush of hearing an agent say he really likes the book title and idea (it’s good/i’m good) is one very much like happy juice on the rocks (recipe above), tall glass preferred. Then, I’ll be honest and tell you that hearing your writing coach say another variety of “constructive” criticisms (or what your ego thinks is even a smidge “bad”) is a rush of the other kind: sobering. Bleh, ego.

We’re Up and down (and hopefully back up again sometime soon) because we’re humanoids with brains that think way too much and, unlike other animals, our happiness hangs on what others think of us.

Swami went so far as to say we could thank those who challenge our ego and, for example, treat us (US!) with less than stellar customer service at the car wash, Pete’s or dry cleaners (hope you’re smiling). They’re giving us the chance to chip away at ego and therefore bringing us closer to a more constant state of happiness. Something to be thankful for, he said.

And this is what we are attempting to reach in yoga ~ a more constant state of happiness. Meditation, running, swimming, vacation, even religion (whether it’s for you or not) are all attempting to mark the path for a more smooth and happy, daily existence.  Personally, I’ve been drunk in love with the idea of a steady state of happiness. I’m not difficult to please, really. Shorter, softer falls are just fine. So, try for this.

how to be a walking Momtra™ $0.02: There will always be days of disequilibrium. In fact expect them on your way to any goal and you’ll be less deflated when they come. And, check that ego, have a cocktail and get over yet another piece of yourself.

Please comment below with add’l recipes 😉

<SUBSCRIBEIt is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles, Buddha 563-483 B.C.


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  1. Josh permalink

    and i think baked into your thought is the idea of letting go of expectations…the hardest thing for me. letting go of the expectation that the person working at Pete’s will be a certain way, of the expectation that a transaction at the bank will go a certain way, that a conversation at work will go a certain way. it’s about letting go of the illusion of control…and gaining the experience of the moment as a result.

  2. robyn permalink

    Non-grasping and contentment both tuck nicely away and into the no-expectations. Give for the sake of giving, do for the sake of doing, be not attached to the outcome.
    Add to the Pete’s guy, the drycleaner etc. moments of “that’s not what I expected..” the karmic seed ripening – and it is complete wonderful truth to say “I created this moment and you there in this sitch, you helped me just now and now it is what I created. These are my seeds ripening right now and I can change them moving forward based on my responses to you right now.”
    Of course, I’ve been learning about (and meditating on) the Eight Worldly Thoughts lately so I am finding this esPECially timely.
    And thank you, oh wise one(s).

  3. being forever a student ~ also happiness. thank you for these comments filled with teaching…
    chin chin!

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