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The Perfection myth

March 9, 2011

Once you accept the fact that you’re not perfect, then you develop some confidence ~ Rosalynn Carter

(San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, a perfect place even amidst imperfections)

The perpetuation of the perfection myth has landed us in a funny place and it’s what I’m in the middle of writing about for my book (is our love for reality shows an appreciation of what’s real and maybe more imperfect than us?;).

Tiger Mom comes to mind as the other extreme; I think our curiosity about how she went about sucking “perfection” out of her girls helped launch her book to best-selling status fast.

At the core, we all know perfection doesn’t exist so we’re fascinated by anyone who says it can be had or, simply, gives off that air, “SuperMom” included.

It’s key for of us to remember that albeit with our so-human-it-hurts imperfections, we create LIFE and other amazingly cool stuff all the time! We’re imperfect yet we accomplish things that are so bold, why then, can’t we be more bold about how imperfect our lives are most times?

Think of how refreshing is it to be in the company of someone who tells it like it is; who tells you how imperfect or messy their day / conversations / relationship / parenting was today? (ps. yes, this is different than complaining). Doesn’t it always make you feel, I don’t know, supported? And saved from having to check yourself in to the looney bin?

On a day like today where we salute women from all around the world that have created change, built systems and ways of thinking that didn’t exist before they stepped into the picture, let’s challenge ourselves to be more honest about imperfections along the way (it does not make us any less powerful).

Modeling and spreading this kind of support (debunking perfection) will relieve pressure so we can get on with raising the next generation of men and women that will hopefully be ever-more aware of themselves and the world they live in.

Please join us on twitter with the new, yet imperfect arm of the how to be a walking Momtra™ foundation: @MomsRHuman. Be one of the first followers. The group and conversation was started today in honor of Int’l Women’s Day. Honor yourself and be a part of supporting your humanity.

how to be a walking Momtra™: support fellow adults and your kids by showing them the power that exists in “mistakes” (growth)

And lastly, a bit of…perfection (wink), Tina Fey on Palin Persona. And, what Buddha calls perfection. A comedy, serious sandwich.

There is only one guru ~ you.

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