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Something I heard once, a propros for a Sunday/Mon/Tu/W/Th/Fr/Sat.

March 13, 2011


(Great Wall of China)

Seems appropriate a Sunday ushers in this memory of a phrase I heard at a talk in Portland, Oregon.

Be interested, not interesting.

Be interested, not interesting.

Sundays are good interested days, there’s something in the speed of the world on this day (and it really is the globe that seems to mark the same tick) that allows us to surrender a more surface spotlight to giving more intently to others, ourselves or nature.

Last week I taught my son the meaning behind Smell the Roses by leaving five minutes earlier for our walk to school each day so we could stop and look at (and talk about) whatever we wanted to. I never thought I’d get that big of a YES from a five-and-a-half-year old boy about actually smelling roses ~ and not rushing.

And maybe what’s most interesting in this little experiment is not that there was enjoyment but *that it was possible; finding out that it not only fit into the hectic schedule but made the hectic schedule more tolerable and * that given the choice, no nervous system, child or adult, enjoys the rush.  Ekeing out even two minutes of interested, slow and deliberate time is better than doing no ekeing.

We’re now trying to be interested every morning.

Eke this week. And, because we all have our ways to keep sane and stay plugged-in, please do share what you do to slow things down!



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