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Let go of expectations on first day of daylight savings.

March 14, 2011

(what Nolan looked like this morning)

Even if you’re not a yogi, if you’ve ever practiced letting go of expectations, I’d say you’re practicing a form of yoga-hh.

If you read the post yesterday, you’d know why I’m now discussing un-attaching yourself to the way you want things to go. There wasn’t much smelling the roses today on our long walk to school.  There were a couple smiles, jogging attempts but no smelling of roses, picking of dandelions or crouching down to check out the ants. There was, however, some success at being interested in Star Wars themed chat as I un-glamorously threw on sleepy Nolan’s clothes and shoved forkful’s of pancake into his mouth.

Do what you can in the body you were given today (and the daylight savings time you were dealt). For me today, it was shoving pancake. Maybe tomorrow’s a look up at the world morning…maybe.  Again, all we can do with a desire is to mark the path we’d like to walk, get up and consciously try for it; the rest being out of our control. Those tired, little bodies don’t move very fast. The medium-sized ones neither, especially if they forgot to buy coffee yesterday.

Sound at all familiar?

Surprisingly you might have fairly good success at still practicing being interested even on daylight savings type days.  A quicker beat to your step and a pull of the little hand attached to yours doesn’t make you un-able to listen, ask questions and wow it up a bit. Personally, being interested, on either a slow or faster-paced morning, has made me way smarter about Star Wars. The things you learn…

What do you learn when you’re interested?

And, here’s the post from yesterday, Something I heard a propros for a Sun/Mon/Tu/Wed/Th/Fr/Sat.

There is only one guru ~ you.



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