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Easy Your Life

March 22, 2011

While traveling in Hong Kong I ran into this hot pink t-shirt and I thought ::good mantra:: So it became one.

In light of devastation, inner circle illnesses and losses as well as some of the (un) happiness research found lately for my book, easy’ing life is top of mind.

We can “easy” it all by decreasing the number of expectations we set on ourselves and others and increase how much we accept on a daily basis.

We have so many expectations, normally. Those we put on parenthood, work situations or how a friend’s visit or a even how a vacation will go.

To easy your life is to accept we really have just a tiny amount of actual control, with anything / anyone.

It’s accepting we need a healthy amount of getting out of our heads. I’ve written similar examples here before but they seem to be universal (those ‘small things’ we have on replay). A broken or lost (fill in the blank) is just that. A missed flight is a missed flight. A move is a move. An expensive house repair is just that. Replaying it all out in our heads over and over will. do. nothing. to. change. it. The only thing it may do, however, is cause suffering “for nothing” and harden the remaining soft places. (on the flip, yoga could soften the remaining hard places…just sayin’).

But we have so much more beyond all the mind stuff. We are more than that, as evidenced by the love, volunteers and support being sent to Japan.

Perspective, as brought about by the recent quake and tsunami can usher easy back into our lives by reminding us to do it and do it now. However, let’s be honest, it lasts for a couple days or as long as that next yoga class, weekend or run then we’re back at making life harder than it needs to be; our mind nearing weekly ‘rigid’ status.  [note: hard to enjoy a family dance party and move hard or soft places with a rigid mind. Try it ;-]

The latest defintion of easy could just be something I read / loved by Eckhart Tolle yesterday (I’ll paraphrase): make sure you’re able to hear the spaces between the words. I’d say that’s definitely easying your life.

Lately, with testing for either an ulcer, Chrons or Celiac’s and receiving some painful treatment for tendonitis in both arms, I can tell you that continuing to ease on down the road (MJ Ease on Down the Road ’78 Oz Movie Trailer) continues to prove itself a great way to use my minutes.

As always, remember, the more you practice, the better you get and the longer the feeling you want, lasts. That said, happy Spring. Enjoy what you have and who you have it with (hit replay on that).

Spring Momtra/Mantra/Dadtra/Kidtra: Easy My Life.

how to be a walking Momtra/Mantra/Dadtra/Kidtra: when a negative thought comes replace it with a more, positive one.

That one pretty much comes straight from The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Vintage, good stuff.

< text JAPAN to 20222 and donate $10 to the Save the Children Foundation >



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