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The writer/painter/photog/singer & Ghandi Rap

March 31, 2011

Literature, art, photography and music continue to teach us to stop, look and listen. They teach us about the human condition and many times remind us not repeat the mistakes of yesterday.

Give Love, MC Yogi Video, 3 mins.

The writer, the painter, the photographer, the singer-song writer…they all guide us to pay more attention; to pay attention to the world and all that lives within it so that we can, at last, pay attention to ourselves and all that lives in us.

Each piece of art, whether we facebook “like” it or not, gives love away and hopes to greet us ready to give some away too…

Today put a frame around those moments you might usually rush out of or into.

To name one; take a deep breath, exhale and let someone whose blinker is on, in. 🙂 No, this is not an April Fool’s joke.

A small “thing” yet can be so difficult with how fast we move….you can do eeeeeeet. The promise of those rays sticking around a little later these days should help.

Then, thank or support an artist.

April Momtra/Dadtra/Kidtra: As the song says…what we give is what we get.

how to be a walking Momtra™ extra credit: The Ghandi Rap, be the change you want to be.


There is only one guru ~ you.


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