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Stretch your happiness™

April 7, 2011

stttttttretch, photo by js.16

I’ve always been a fan of happiness. The state. Finding it. Making it when it sometimes seems impossible. And maybe my favorite (and related to the last) ~ bringing it with you to life’s daily activities. [Have you realized that if you wait for it to come from something outside of your control, it doesn’t? Or it doesn’t come the way you want it to?]

You have to make what you want to be a part of.

I wrote a 5 minute piece for a spoken word thing Saturday. It centered around something I heard my grandmother say year after year you could call the Grand poobah Momtra:

I’d rather laugh because if not…I’d cry.” [Those that have gone before us = smarty pants].

And though crying is sometimes necessary, most times we really can find the humor in the banana peels life throws us (or at least not make it worse by what we replay in our heads). It behooves us.

And it’s so much more civilized, this happiness thing.

Finding the glimmer, making others laugh while you look less than glamorous, taking yourself less seriously, laughing (if even a little) rather than crying. Happiness is so casual and so very good for us, like the best Summer BBQ.

This is the mission of how to be a walking Momtra™. The “why” to the foundation, the blog and book: To stretch your happiness. (eh-hem, you have to make what you want to be a part of).  Unless you’ve perused the blog, especially the About page you might not have known…so there you have it.

Here’s to finding your way to stretch it each day. And allowing htbawM to remind you, maybe, of some things you’ve forgotten along the way…

There is only one guru ~ you™.

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photo by glen scott, sf.


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