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Six Ways to Show Up for Your Kids (it’s not what you think)

April 16, 2011

correction SIX WAYS TO SHOW GLOW UP FOR YOUR KIDS  (we know, we know…but we forget)

Or, in other words, six ways to combat what’s in this article: Parents un-happier than their non-parent peers, NYT. When we try or remember to keep trying we make them happier but we get happier too, funny that.

1) Look like they do doing/during the activity.

2) Use your computer or iPhone to Learn alongside them.  Create the opportunity for your kids to see you use them as tools vs shackles. Ask what they want to learn more about. Spend 15 minutes researching the same topic or a couple different ones. Do it often enough, they’ll grow using them as tools vs shackles too.

3) Read. Anything. Everything. Push through “no, not right now” to reading a book…probably the easiest way to show glow up. Coolest thing about kids books is that they suck the glow right out of you. It’s hard to fake a pirates “arrrr” and even harder to not make a connection while sitting close.

4) Include them in family meetings (start family meetings). The younger the better. Ask:

beware: question produces many answers (don’t let it deter you, in fact, just start the recorder).

This new practice might even spark the creation of a family mission statement or family vision board. Check out the links or simply create what you think a mission and vision board for your family might read and look like.

5) Keep asking. Keep posting.  Ask them what they want to be when they grow up (or anything else), help them draw it then post it up. Keep asking (it changes). Keep posting. 

6) Crouch down. Pick them up. Be at eye level, often. Noone likes to live a life of being towered over or spoken down to.

In joy.

Give: love, respect; cherish them. Get: someone continually learning to love, respect and cherish themselves.

To glow ~ one of the finest parts of parenthood. 

They glow back. 

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