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In the air to Bali and 21 days creates new habit (see what I’m giving up).

April 18, 2011

I am currently on a Korean Air flight to Bali.

If you read this a day late, I will still be on a flight to Bali.

And though I’m not writing you this post from the air, I could be, thanks to technology. One of my first htbawM posts entitled “Sit-ting” was written aboard a Virgin Atlantic flight from LA to SF.

Both beautiful and a curse, technology allows you to find and be found anytime, no matter how remote the locale.  Great for yours truly the next couple weeks as I call, skype and video with my son.

And five years ago it was also “beautiful”. Call-forwarding from a US number I set up before moving to Amsterdam connected clients and potential clients direct to me overseas…and for four years. Pretty cool. Technology allowed me to keep my business running as if it were local when it wasn’t. It kept my business feeling local.

Of course technology, in all forms, can (still) be amazing tools, however, lately for me between facebook, twitter and this wordpress blog (the social media tools I’ve been told are essential to getting a platform built for the book) in addition to three email addresses, one design website and two phones it’s been reaching towards that other tipping point.

SO, in honor of this life (and blog) of change, travel and making what you want happen in life as a walking Momtra I started the ‘Ditch my Cell Phone for 21 days’ experiment. I’ll continue it in Bali (minus the times calling back to my little VIP) and definitely after I come home.

WHAT: They say it takes 21 days to start a new habit.

WHY: Want more focused time, post school and work, with my son.

HOW: No cell phone in purse or car between hours of 4-7:30 if out. If at home/home office, cell phone is turned off in another room.

HOW: I’ve told Nolan to call me on it. He’s already a great drill sergeant yelling “NO PHONE, Mamaaaaa”
during my first week.

WHO: Other than that, all up to me.

Surely if deadlines are being met before I start the no cell phone timezone (4-7:30p), I needn’t be that connected. Do you have to be that connected? What part of all your connections could you change, if even a little?

Can you leave the cell phone at home for one hour? Or go cold turkey and do an entire Saturday?

Try it. Our quality of life deserves it, not to mention the quality of life of those around us. And who knows you might actually end up finding out where the pay phones are in your city

Anything else could you be called to try to change for 21 days?

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