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Face down with 20 needles in me tonight…

May 3, 2011

near a rice paddy field in bali, we come upon a bridge and a family of three, 2011.

…my acupuncturist tells me he has cancer.

I met him after yoga a couple weeks ago and now he was the man helping me get better.

I’m not sure ‘the irony of life’ was the lesson today. But there was one.

Face down, not able to fidget, using only my words and not any of my normal non-verbal cues I felt a connection. He shared. I shared. Yet it was quiet.

I continued to feel the connection when he spoke of his nine and 14 year old sons. How the cancer had spread.

Then, again, when I was able to look him in the eyes post-appointment and lastly when I met his wife before leaving the office. Most definitely after meeting his wife before leaving the office…

As I lie face down during my remaining few minutes alone I decided;

Respect. Respect where people are coming from and what they are carrying with them at any given point.

And, Listen. Seek to understand then be understood.

It need not matter if we’ve known someone for 10 minutes or 10 years, might the mere attempt to bridge the gap at least one more step be the point?



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  1. Catching up on my htbawM posts…. This gives me chills. Because my least favorite word is that C word…. And because in reading this I think I have been in a similar all to familiar situation before. Nothing more momentarily intense than a true human connection….

    • I empathize and agree. Cancer is a difficult word to hear…from someone you’ve known a few days and most definitely from someone you love dearly and have known all your life.

      Unfortunately, I think all of us have felt this type of pain before. Hearing our loved ones uttering those words…it can be life-changing.

      Here’s to appreciating our VIPs, our health and all who cross our path.

      (Thank you Whitney!)

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