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Five Momtras to start Mothers Day weekend, pass ’em on (no calories)

May 6, 2011

As we begin Mothers Day weekend it seems apropos to connect you with the year’s Momtras so far.

Post-it note ’em, use and re-use* these first Five Momtras. And check back for more as we continue down the how to be a walking Momtra™ book and blog-writing journey.       *operative word

They work not only to stretch your peace (a popular form of Mom happiness) but they help make it stick around for longer; longer than that hour and a half yoga class, 40 min run, series of lemon drops or half a bucket of mint chocolate chip. Longer still if you’re repeating them consistently in your mind and practicing what they are about.

More happiness is ours for the taking ~ it is. Our mind is ours to train. This is a key to unlock a more consistent happiness at any stage and age…

So, stretch your happiness, not your waist line, with our first Five. And continue to create your own.

And now a question specifically to two readers, Janet W. and Whitney S, what are your Momtras? Then, which of the five linked above has found YOU, yes you, today? Please share below.

We’re placing bets the most timely (and light-hearted Momtra) appropriate for this particular Friday afternoon is: Bubbly / Margarita me, por favor (3x). It’s one of those double holiday weekends. Once the effect wears off, however, just remember to re-visit htbawM’s traditional monthly Momtras for that fresh, lasting feeling. [It takes a village; copy this link and spread the how to be a walking Momtra™ love before Mother’s Day]

Motherhood: her truest and most consistent state of happiness is not linked to how well her kids behave, how many evenings she has a sitter or how much money she has in her account. This more consistent state of happiness is first and certifiably linked to what she tells herself.

Be a walking Momtra. Choose what you repeat wisely.

There’s only one guru ~ you.

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  1. Victoria H-M permalink

    Ten years ago when I first started teaching, a mentor teacher gave me one piece of “advice” and said if I learn anything on this job” this was the most important one. He said, “Be reflective, not reactive.” When a parent comes up to me for an impromptu conference at the grocery store, or when a student is overtly doing the wrong thing to get attention, my first instinct is to be reactive. It took me three good years to learn to be reflective; i.e. When I see a group of boys rough housing too hard— take a breathe, walk over calmly and separate them, sit them down and CALMLY talk about the situation. Taking a breathe and being a listener first helps me reflect the situation at hand and make the right decision- rather than a split second decision. Who knew as a parent that I would be momtra-ing in my head ” be reflective not reactive” as my son is drawing on his room wall with a fat permanent marker?

  2. Wellllll….this is a perfect post for me to read on Mothers Day morning…. I shall be reflecting on this as I spend the day with my new son, doggy and hubby!!! Thanks Michelle and Victoria for some delicious nuggets to start my day!

  3. Victoria, you gifted me this morning. Thank you! ‘Be reflective not reactive.’ That sure does sum up a happy more peaceful Motherhood (and humanity), Be reflective not reactive’ wow. What a great truth to live and learn by.

    Happy Mothers Day to you both! Thank you for your comments, htbawM needs more reflective Mamas like you telling us what you think.

    Enjoy yourselves today.

  4. Robyn permalink

    lovely VHM. Love it.

    A few years ago I made the decision to be my child in the future. Whenever I’m faced with a decision (and some of them were more temptations than decisions) I would ask myself what I would want 20something HER to do. Whether she is physcially with me or not, she is watching and learning from me. The stories I tell are “when I was your age this happened to me and here’s what I learned.” Surely this will be true throughout her life and I don’t want the stories to be about chasing the wrong man, job, fix, snack, whatever. As a result, I eat healthier, I take care of myself, I get out the door to take care of myself, I know when (and when not) to hit snooze because suddenly it was crystal clear – I am doing them for her all the all the all the time.

    And that’s my momtra, momma.

    • I love this visual, Robyn! And the exercise. I will be trying this, practicing it 😉 Honestly, we all have so much to learn from each other! Please continue posting so we all get the benefit of new blood in the form of new ideas, different ways of saying the same thing…

      Thank YOU!

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