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Contentment in One Short Travel Story (Korean Autograph)

May 19, 2011

U-kiss Pop Band member, Seoul, Korea

All you have is time. A long layover still counts as part of your vacation so you stop and watch…

Shop girls are coming out of Prada and Gucci stores quietly peeking over at five guys standing nearby. They call to others inside the store to come. Fifteen more girls 25 ft above standing up against the glassed airport bridge hold cell phones, cameras. Some holding their hair obviously hold nerves…

You have no idea who the hipsters are but consider Korean rock stars?

Your husband and friends chuckle then joke You should go get an autograph.

You walk passed Prada, Gucci and two people movers and become the first person to cut the scene in half and the first to get the autograph of someone you don’t know.

Though you’re not sure, you give a thank you and a slight bow (?) and walk away then see people follow suit…

Before finally getting to your gate you make your last stop at a bookstore and ask the clerk to help you figure out just who this is (you show her the Korean signature on the paper).

This is what a clerk googling at the Seoul airport looks like. (3,670,00 search results for the band U-kiss (video)).

The greatest part of travel ~ anonymity. It grows your brave cells.

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