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Parenting advice by teens, Radical Parenting. Ask yours to be “Teacher for the Day.”

May 23, 2011

If you’ve read any other posts from how to be a walking Momtra™ you probably know we believe we have as much to learn from our children as we do from ourselves or other adults. This post coincides nicely with my son, almost six, having been “Teacher for the Day” today.

Though he was oh-so very proud to have this one-off experience at school today, I should probably tell or remind him he teaches me everyday. Though it stands the chance of sounding ‘mushy’ or trite, that’s ok; sometimes the truth is. Who else teaches you to practice mindfulness, awareness and patience like your child(ren) do?

Teenage Buddhist Monks photo by David,

On that note, we are impressed by who was started by a teen to give (adult) parents advice from the kids perspective. Brilliant, right? The entrepreneur-teacher just happens to live near htbawM.


Here’s a recent guest article excerpt from Radical Parenting Welcome to parenthood please grab a life jacket where a 17 yr old speaks about her childhood and what type of parent she’d like to be in the future (next four paragraphs are hers):

“One of the hardest parts of childhood is learning about you, about what works and doesn’t work, about what parts of your family draw you in like a pair of footy pajamas and what parts feel like a thorn in your side.

No parent is looking to destroy a child; if they are, we are talking about a different type of problem. I may make lists and angry promises but the truth is, I want to parent just like my own parents do, like a parent who loves a child…

But no parent is perfect, and every child wants a perfect parent, so every child is destined to find complaints, mistakes and reasons to argue. As a parent, I will try my best to be everything I would want in a parent.

I will listen, and consider, and think about. But I will also be protective, and nervous, and worried, and human.” ~ Radical, Advice for Parents by Teens.


There’s definitely something more to learn here besides ‘I wasn’t thinking like that at 17′ and we feel that’s ‘Ask Often and Listen Intently’. We have as much to learn from our four yr olds as we do from our 14 or 44 yr olds (to name one: living in the moment, four year olds do this in styyyyyle. We adults could stand to take their cue, more often).

Speaking of, I might just ask my Kindergarten, tie-wearing “Teacher for the Day” this afternoon what he thinks I could stand to be a better student in; raise any B- I might have to a…B+?

how to be a walking Momtra™/Dadtra: Ask Often, Listen Intently.

On another but slightly related topic, Teen re-incarnation of Buddha, Ratanpur, Nepal story.

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