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Happiness in Parenting; you want more of it? (another of our articles via

May 26, 2011

Acceptance = key, center piece of the ‘happiness in parenting’ puzzle.

how to be a walking Momtra™ is writing a “Happiness in Parenting” Series for and we wanted to share the second article here in case you missed it: How to find balance and happiness in today’s world.

One of the excerpts: “If I could inspire you as a parent today, in this very moment, it would be to accept more and stretch your happiness and that of your kids more.”

And between you and me, it hasn’t been an easy road por moi. I’ve called out why in the article, however, the most important part here is that I’ve personally seen that with practice, just like any sport, new language etc we, haute dogs, can be taught new tricks. For me, yoga is a constant reminder to practice acceptance (which is great because I don’t have any more room for post-its on my desk or notes on my hand).

But you don’t have to practice yoga to get better at accepting things outside of your control…you just have to practice the letting go each day (as if your life depended on it ’cause it kinda does). The great thing is we all know what ‘letting go’ means for ourselves and our families…

There is only one guru ~ you, remember?

Enjoy How to find balance and happiness in today’s world and the sweet nectar of letting go, if even another 3.333% each day. Lastly, check out ‘She Let Go’ from an old post; one of the best things I came upon recently for book research that became more ‘personal research’…

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