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June Momtra, it’s a Wrinkle-eraser (no Botox necessary)

June 2, 2011

Life is filled with times of great equilibrium and times of great disequilibrium. That’s the human flow of things that some call yin and yang.

Though we love and accept the “good times” quite well (throw parties even),

it’s understandably difficult to accept the “Bad” or see the bright(er) side many times. We don’t want to sometimes, maybe, or don’t know how. However, if we want to make it easier we can. Always.

If you practice looking just slightly left or right of the pin prick ~ the thing you’re so focused on that’s causing you pain ~ 99% of the time you’ll find something that will pick you up; erase the wrinkles.

Likely you’ll find one of two things; something that is either inherently comical about the situation or the situation right next to it (SNL has dibs on skits of your life) or something you feel extremely grateful for. I’ll venture to say looking slightly left or right of the offense or offender gifts you with the reminder of the many things that still exist; holding you up. The many things you’re grateful for.

This is nicely summed up in a phrase my grandmother, the sage, used to repeat throughout my childhood: I’d rather laugh because, if not, I’d cry (Mejor me rio porque si no lloro).

She faced many challenges throughout her life as probably your grandparents did. Her ability to keep it light, however, and dance the macarena and just overall keep things in perspective, all while helping raise yet another generation of kids, was awe-inspiring. A skill.

I would inevitably always smile, laugh even, when she repeated Mejor me rio porque si no lloro in the years I was with herSomething about how her lips would turn up, oh, and those hand gestures. . .

Pain and joy do sometimes scarily resemble each other, don’t they?

Can you recall a story or memory about your parents or grandparents that has deeper meaning today? Can you connect with the legacy and wisdom imparted by the legends of our past?

Your June MomtraI’d rather laugh because, if not, I’d cry (3x).

I’d rather laugh because, if not, I’d cry.

Repeat it one last time and try not to smile or find your way to perspective…

photo by anbu jawahar.

Don’t forget ~ look both ways.

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  1. This made me smile. 🙂

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