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We have a lot of info. We don’t use much of it. (& photos of dyed chicks in Bali & Buddha playing b-ball)

June 24, 2011

Dyed chicks in Bali

We have no shortage of intellectual information these days, however, at times there seems to be a shortage of fertilizationWe collect information like kids do Easter eggs but on the whole, maybe, do little with it all (just as kids do w/those Easter eggs).

The topics of mindfulness, being in the moment and enjoying the little things come to mind. We’ve all been inspired by or read interesting articles or books about the above (seems you can’t miss it these days no matter where you are on the New Yorker to US Magazine favorite magazine spectrum;-)), however, because of our rushed existence it’s difficult to practice whatever we’ve read ~ what has moved us. Practice, as with change or learning anything new can be tiring so it’s no surprise but there is energy and a renewal on the other side as well.

I’m reminded of Outliers. Surprisingly for me, my parenting was inspired by the book, however, I didn’t really use the info the way I thought I would/could…at least not yet or consciously or deliberately anyway (btw, if you’re in need of new reading, check out Stumbling on Happiness & Against Happiness).

On the flip or during those in-our-heads stages we also do too much with information we gather, whether intellectual or otherwise. We let info or stimulus like gossip or worry sit with and in us for too long, hardening us. (the perfect hard-boiled egg)

htbawM believes if it doesn’t serve you, release it.

And I suppose this is what this post is about on this Friday…stumbling upon more of our happiness by releasing that which is negative, colorless and taking-up residence in us.

What information are you holding onto that you could release or better yet, actually use to help make your VIP relationships, work life or community spirit even more finely-tuned?

how to be a walking Momtra™/Dadtra: Use what you know and practice what you need to practice.

photo by Jaime Carter

If you meet the Buddha in the lane, feed him the ball ~ Phil Jackson

Buddhism in a Nutshell article from Elephant Journal.

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  1. love your thoughts on attachment and renunciation/detachment, lady

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