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Moving Music (& Yoga, Design, Travel ~ “friends of making the invisible visible”)

July 5, 2011

Sayulita, Mexico, Haramara ~ an Un-Plugged Yoga Resort

Walking Momtra is inspired by yoga, design and travel or what we like to call world citizenship.

Each of the fab three are friends of making the invisible visible. They’re sparks to creating change by helping to bring important things to light. I’d probably add music to the list and you might add another four or five things (please do).

All of these “tools” enable us to see opportunity and shock us out of our normal way of thinking, “break habits” as Tim Brown, designer, states in this interesting “Creativity and Play” TED talk (link).

When I moved to Holland eight years ago I made girlfriends a CD entitled Moving Music, a little something to say goodbye and come visit. I was reminded of this CD by a friend recently and it’s also timely as I’ve had numerous conversations with those around me “needing a new playlist” or simply forgetting that music is there for them while working or family’ing in the evenings or weekends. I think this is holds true for most of us…we forget we have tools like music at our disposal to not only tell someone we care but to inspire and lift moods on a daily basis.

If there was ever a time to re-engage and reap the benefits of yoga, design, travel or music, it’s now. Take that new yoga class you’ve thought about, hit that museum or buy tix to that gallery show, travel outside your neighborhood or to Africa…fill your offices and homes with music but do it ~ now.

If you need another excuse: it’s Summer, suck the bigeezus out of it.

Use your tools; feel the happy. Yoga, design, travel, hit play…

What’s currently playing at Walking Momtra HQ: “What You Know” by Two Door Cinema Club (personally, these guys inspire me to keep rockin those Momtras).

Other Walking Momtra articles as tools?: Creativity RulesSix Ways to Glow-Up for Kids, Buddha with Glasses (the way we see the problem is the problem), The Opposite of Handstand is Standhand (yoga can be funny)…

The pause is as important as the note.  ~Truman Fisher

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  1. Music is, or can be, at the heart of so much we do. Yet it’s often the first thing we forget to utilize. I think the devices at our disposal, things like iPods and our phones, have quietly moved our behavior to a singular experience of music, and we’ve forgotten the joy of playing out loud.

  2. Joshie permalink

    Music should be at the center of so many of our experiences, but with much of our listening done through earbuds, isolated, we miss the experience of blasting it out loud and into our souls.

  3. Wow! You put most of my favorites into one blog! Sayulita, Haramara, and your playlists… All of them are my favorite mixes~ We need a new one! Indulge the senses……You are soooo talented!!!!

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