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How many different words used to write one entire Seuss book? (and your August Momtra ~ here early!)

July 27, 2011


Just 50 different words to create the entire Green Eggs & Ham book. Yes just 50.

And ‘just’ 50 to create what is an entirely successful book, I might add.

Oh the places you will go if you just say it will BE so.

There are so many things in life we all want to do, however, much of it we think is “not possible”. There’s the money factor (I don’t have the money to do X or Y), the fear (what if I fail, what if I look bad), the time (with work and the kids and how tired I am) etc.

But the truth is you were meant to live the life you want. Having kids, working a full-time job, even health hurdles as I’m experiencing at the moment…none of it is reason to say no to yourself. (If we may be so bold it might actually be more reason to say yes-YES).

Don’t wait.

Put the micro-movements in place to start that new business, to write nightly in that journal (check out the easiest way we’ve found to do it:, to ask your company for that other position, to cook more often, to turn off the cell phone, to move to a different country or at least travel locally more, to lay longer with your child at lights-out, to write that book…

We can assure you it can be done. Banana peels are merely thrown our way to see how badly we want it. And how much we’re really paying attention. If you need proof, just e-mail me at for what I feel is a hilarious list of banana peels I’ve had thrown my way the last few months. (guess the universe was listening when I said I wanted to write a book)

August Momtra: So go. GO (3x and remember these (and any of your) intentions are best repeated earnestly, daily). Focus intently this coming month on the topic of moving yourself forward in what you want. Shoot, start now and you’ll be 5 1/2 days ahead of your other self;)

Believe it; this ain’t no dress rehearsal.

I got perseverence on my mind.

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  1. extremely valuable material, all in all I picture this is worthy of a bookmark, many thanks

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