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got mistakes? (and Buddha doing his thing in a neck brace)

August 8, 2011

photo by Crash the Rocks, London, England

Picture a most beautiful spiral staircase in Rome, Paris, London, NYC, or Barcelona.Visualize its ample room.

Now visualize yourself on this staircase, midway up. You’re accomplished. You’ve come all this way. Look up at where you’re going and down at where you’ve come from. Peek around and up at the spirals of stair above; over and down at the spirals below.

Now comes the part that we don’t like that’s part of being human.

You’ve suddenly tripped up and missed a step, and you’ve probably done something similar before. Look down at your feet. Yes, you are here, right now, and it’s close to before—but, not exactly.

You are wiser today than yesterday. Though you might feel bad because you’re encountering the same or similar problem, this time it’s with a different view and varied perspective.

Accept where you are. You will immediately suffer less. Remember this is merely one moment in time. It only defines you and your worth if you choose to make it a defining moment.

Look down the middle of the staircase at what you’ve ascended. Keep hold on this view of yourself and see where you are now in comparison.

Yes, this human moment has come to find you again, but you’re now higher up and can respond from a different place, literally, figuratively, emotionally, and intellectually.

Ask yourself: How can I respond from this higher place instead of causing myself pain?

Welcome to your new spiral staircase-inspired mantra: I have a view. I hold wisdom. I use both.

For the “exercise” and our entire article as seen on Tiny, please visit the link How to Grow from Mistakes & Stop Beating Yourself Up and take a load off.

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