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How to take it personal (in a better sorta way…and what Buddha is listening to right now)

August 20, 2011

We take things personally and that’s not all bad, contrary to what you hear most of the time. Taking it personal means you care. That you want to be connected and a part of something bigger than yourself.

Don’t get too caught up with it (suffering) but do ask yourself the following question (especially if you are finding yourself pointing-the-finger ~ often?).

How did I contribute to this situation?

Ask yourself.



And listen.


To the answer.

Use the learning for tomorrow and tomorrow’s tomorrow. (you know how rushed/serious/(demanding?) we can be with the airline rep or bank teller? Yup. This is for those situations and people too)

Enjoy your flight.

Not just a bag of peanuts >>>>> listen to “Clean Living” (by RJD2). Some soul. Listen here. Download for free here.

For the staircase mantra and exercise to help you see mistakes as opportunities check out our article How to Grow from Mistakes & Stop Beating Yourself Up as seen on the ever-popular

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