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What my Xray came to inspire today (and a few a photos of a few diff angles)

August 23, 2011

Today’s Tuesday and though in and of itself it may not be a totally inspiring day for most of us it’s always a day to design your life with purpose.

So, here’s a quick exercise. Think of it as a wheat grass shot or energy boost from your local juicery.

Take at least three seconds to savor the details of each photo:






What if each person in your path; each person in your immediate world received even three more seconds of your time?

What would you see that would give you their full story versus just that sliver of their supposed “mistake” or wrong-doing?

What if, just as an architect, holistic doctor, Xray or MRI does we took more time to look at others from all different angles not just from that same old one?

Seeing them, then, as they were meant to be seen: for what they were truly worth. In surveying each other like this we make sure to credit those around us for the love and learning they bring to our lives.

Be the architect of your own life; continue to design it with mindfulness (and honesty).

And time.

It truly is a finite commodity. Use it. Before it’s used up.

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