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Watch a biker in the snow in Amsterdam, Deepak tweeted us and your Sept Momtra.

September 2, 2011

Buddha on a canal, photo by Remi

I learned a lot while living in Amsterdam. . .

I learned I could love travel enough to actually live in a constant state of it, far from everything I knew.

I learned the joy amidst a sea of orange. (Google Queens Day.)

I learned about the Calvinistic roots and that curtains were for expats who didn’t know allowing passers-by a full view of your living quarters shows that you have nothing to hide.

I learned how to ride a bike. In so many different ways.

In sideways, all-ways rain and in snow (all while holding an umbrella).

I learned to grow more muscle in my arms to balance a seven, eight, nine month pregnant belly. (Click here for video of “unknown” man showing you what I did for four (4) Winters in Amsterdam.)

I learned Dutch landlords will not only drive you but Mario Andretti it to the hospital during labor.

And I learned via the following exchange that happened many, many times in those years:

ME: “I think I’d like the (fill in the blank) white fish/pasta/chicken/Old Amsterdam sandwhich/salad/fresh-squeezed orange juice/vodka-tonic/bitterballen/crepe with nutella, please.”

DUTCH SERVER: “You think or you know you want the (fill in the blank) white fish/pasta/chicken/Old Amsterdam sandwhich/salad/fresh-squeezed orange juice/vodka-tonic/bitterballen/or crepe with nutella?”

DUTCH SERVER: Three (3) points.

And they were right. Did I know or was I tentatively penciling that decision in?

Over four years, I think know I learned better to match my desires to my words.

This can of worms that was opened thanks to the Dutch leads me to Deepak Chopra. I had the desire to connect with him about my book and I did. I 2011 tweeted him (a few times) asking him a few questions one of which was what he’d say to parents today.

He. actually. tweeted. back. (Deepak: Three (3) points).

His words are the ones I’d love to end with:

Conviction. Purpose. They not only give us inner-strength to live our biggest life but transmits to our mini-me’s they can do the same.

Your September 2011 Momtra: Deepak, tweet this: I’m living on-purpose (3x).

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything ~ Vincent Van Gogh

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