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Met a gorgeous girl @ the old Debbie Allen studio (her advice)!

September 11, 2011

Lately, I’ve had many real-life examples of how-to-live-life and stretch-my-happiness. This will be a short story about one of those times.

It happened at the old Debbie Allen dance studio. (Into trying new things I headed there Tuesday…I really did it this time. I took a hip-hop class).

Half-way through the routine, Will, the instructor, wasn’t sure I was “fighting for it” (his words) and repeatedly, but lovingly, told me so.

In one of the exchanges, I turned right and saw more women checking in at the front desk. The girl who stood out most took her spot just outside our hip-hop doors.

Oh yes and a smile of wisdom it was, Buddha or Yoda might say.

She had that je ne sais quoi.

I kept my eye on her through the mirror. Hoping Will wouldn’t notice, oops, my moves got even less “fighting.”

I continued watching. She started dancing just outside the studio with excited arms and huge heart. She even used her chair to accomplish the moves. She put her own spin and true passion into everything and, well, got down with her bad self.

The sign of a good dancer, Debbie Allen might say, is their magnetism or complete focus on that moment that really draws an audience in.

I kept a careful eye on the clock and ran out of Will’s class two minutes early to make sure she didn’t leave before I could tell her how beautiful; how inspiring she was…

She giggled and, asked why, why? Wiping sweat I found more words. We hugged.

Meet the lovely (and oh-so-pleasantly-surprised-that-I’d-ALSO-want to-take-her-picture) Georgette:


What we think we become ~ Buddha

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