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How to activate the “relaxation response” you so badly need (and your Oct Momtra!)

October 1, 2011

graphic by tony kuch & walking Momtra

Yes, really. The vast majority of us breath so shallow we’re experiencing varying levels of hyperventilation (fight-or-flight response). We breathe 80% from our chests and 20% from our gut; starving our organs. Not entirely sexy and all of this makes for our bodies to be the perfecto container for chronic stress.

Yes, really. You must do the complete opposite if you want to release stress. Breathe 20% from your chest and 80% from your gut. This activates the relaxation response (opposite of fight-or-flight).

When you look at that graphic above it’s probably no surprise we rarely breathe below that first pink dot. In our multi-tasking, go go go lives, we have way too many “windows” open.

Allow yourself a calmer life in October. Breathe and generally walk and talk with mindfulness, focusing on as much of one thing as you can (watch Walking Momtra video). Rushing is for linebackers.

Your October Momtra: I master change before it masters me (3x). Remember, you are what you repeat (Momtras are green, re-use daily).

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When you’re around me and really see that all I do is live and breathe for my work, it’s not strange, it’s just Gaga ~ L. Gaga

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