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What Kim Kardashian and I have in common

November 8, 2011

We’re full of aha’s (and make quick decisions).

I spoke to Cory Tyler of This Just Zen yesterday about Business Yoga™, a term I coined for the practice of working towards both inner and outer wealth in entrepreneurship, and it occurred to me during the interview that the habitual practicing of those mindful tips given were the very reason I’m able to make quicker decisions. And not just quick decisions but quick decisions I’m proud of. (For the MP3 & e-booklet on Business Yoga™, head over to Michelle Ghilotti Int’l).

Some say quick decisions are un-safe decisions, however, I beg to differ. As a parent and business-owner, making quick, grounded decisions is what it’s all about. And I believe using constant reflection throughout the day ~ ah hem, practicing mindfulness ~ is one way to get there.

What decisions could become easier for you with a little more attention, intention and actual practice?

Then, the next time you make a quick decision feel free to use “I just pulled a Kardashian.” The only difference here might be of course you’ll likely be proud of your quickie. Having seen/heard the Dalai Lama mesh mindfulness with modern-day news a few months ago in southern California, I think it’s safe to say he would chuckle at this post, Doll.

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