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Three Components to a Happy Life (you said you wanted a pick me up!)

November 14, 2011

3) Expect less from others and more from yourself. Every time you find yourself holding a negative thought, chase it out with a positive one. Walking Momtra said when we first launched that we were here to remind you of what you already know: you‘re in charge of your happiness. It’s not the job of your spouse, your child, your day job, your figure or your bank account.

2) Allow the simple to take over as your barometer of happy. We will continue to have times of ecstatic, luxurious happiness, however, if we begin to see all that exists in the simple moments (when we don’t use cash, food, drink or travel to “feed” ourselves) we have the opportunity to live a life of such honest and deep contentment that we will have wondered why it took us so long to stop expecting something than what we’re given every day, without even trying. You know…the simple, good things like health and waking up and being in community. This is not to say, however, you intellectually need people to love you or to love to be happy but since this is a more involved conversation we’ll wait for the book to explain…;-)

1) Live in the moment you’re in. We kill ourselves and kill the heart when we live excessively in the past or future. It’s easy to say Live in the moment but what does it really mean? Well, when finding yourself wandering (which usually means worrying) look down at your feet. Think of what you’re grateful for on that curb, in your desk chair and that exists right now, in front of you. Right now. Look left, look right and you will find something. (You will). Recognizing that happiness can be found despite of is empowering. It’s ok the uncomfortable moment you’re in is happening because there’s always something else to place your focus on. Before you know it, the less than ideal feeling or situation will have gone away.

That said, remember Today is the tomorrow you worried about and all is well.

To your happy life!
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