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Keeping Up With the Kardashians

December 24, 2011

There’s this idea in Buddhism that what we see in others we also hold in ourselves.

And that to finally not see “it” in others (or, be annoyed/frustrated by it), we must work to eradicate it in ourselves first.

For awhile now I’ve had this burning desire to pose these questions especially as they relate to the Kardashians.

…do what we judge, snicker, laugh at and blame in others; is it not in us, too?
Could we hold even a piece of what we label in those around us?

It’s so much easier to be observers vs really play in the game…who wants to get sweaty with no real reward?

At Walking Momtra, we believe it’s easier to scan what we need a deeper wisdom about than to guess what others need for their experience here.

Although we have some very black and white opinions on things like sweat shops (something the Kardashian’s have been accused of recently), most of our opinions are really only a reflection of the ‘shades of grey’ parts of us that are also imperfect.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with imperfection. In fact, it’s awesome and real. And we crave more of it which maybe explains our fascination with “reality tv.”

And maybe that’s where our focus could go when we want to change something/someone…change, tweak and grow new parts of ourselves. You know, work on ourselves so we see less wrong or separate in the other. Separateness is not at all festive 😉 In fact, noone comes to a party or is born into the world for that experience.

If we hold the space for others to be better and grow more wise in their experience, we hold this opportunity for ourselves too. We receive more.

how to be a Walking Momtra: Seek to understand first before being understood.

The Momtra: How did I contribute to this situation?, 3x.

Keeping up with this way of thinking brings with it great reward, I’ve experienced it. Looking inward is an easy way to stretch your happiness because you actually have control of what you’ll do with what you find…



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