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2011 Sucked (photo of a lollipop & ants) Your January Momtra

December 31, 2011

I sucked the life out of 2011 and I’m planning on doing it again.

So many times in life we go right around what we know will make us happy.

We  make it so hard.

We make ourselves suffer…we see what will make us happy but purposefully look the other way. (silly)

When you see what makes you happy today, tonight and in 2012 go straight there.

Don’t dilly dally.

Don’t make it difficult.

Don’t detour.

And don’t just take a piece of it either, claim its full expression.

This is a resolution you can keep:

GO STRAIGHT FOR YOUR HAPPINESS in 2012, however simple, subtle, grand and glamorous.

Time is a finite commodity. And detours take up way too much time and space.

Make it so sweet you can hardly stand it.

…yes, go there.

Here’s to knowing 2012 can be one of your fiercest years yet.

January 2012 Momtra is two parts: Fiercely going after my happiness, 3x. I’m not taking no for an answer, 3x.

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  1. bryanthelen permalink

    Happy New Year WM & thank you for how much you have enriched my life this year 🙂

    • Tears in my eyes. Thank you Helen.

      I am moved to hear this; it’s exactly why I do/write/share/impart what I have in my heart…

      Your babies are gorgeous. As is your heart…remember to follow it. If we’re not already connected on facebook, come find WM 😉

      Happy New Year!

      You warmed my heart,
      Michelle & Walking Momtra

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