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Take one path, one path at a time…

April 16, 2012

Last week, I pumped my own gas. And I was excited. Can you imagine?

I was excited.

It might sound crazy but I was in full and bright gratitude for this seemingly annoying or smelly task as for the better part of 2011 and into 2012 I wasn’t able to do it.

Bi-lateral arm issues prevented me from doing much of anything. Imagine my surprise for everything that was just starting to blow-up, my business, book-writing (hello Dragon Dictation) my yoga teacher training…

And then add in all the other things we enjoy on a daily basis with the use of our arms ~ tickle-fests with offspring, hugs, cooking and I could go on…and yes, they all were extremely painful activities.

Life and work had changed dramatically and for the first time I had no control. (If you’ve never felt this way physically, I’m sure there are daily professional, even family moments, where this is true. After all, this is the human experience).

To search out a resting place of healing, I eventually stuck to one way. Better yet…one path. However, at the beginning, I tried more healing modalities than could fit on your computer screen. I tried more new foods, natural remedies and met more doctors than I have probably seen in all my life. I drank enough water daily for three city blocks and breathed like a champ/a good little yogi!

After a solid try down the crazy lady path (the path of trying it all) for no other reason than maybe pure exhaustion, I eventually came back to one way which I like to call surrender.

Surrender feels amazing!

Surrender; what is it? Well in life or business, surrender is a coming back to ourselves. A place where we, in essence, regain focus and remember we have the answer.

This is how we’re able to hear more of what we truly want; what will nurture us not only back to health but to our full potential; to crazy success.

And maybe you’ve been there…it’s difficult to know how we truly feel, physically or emotionally, if you’re chasing seventeen different solutions (chasing being the operative word here).

Looking outside in all directions whenever we’re in a crisis of sorts may be natural, however, rarely is what the doctor ordered.

During these times we remain stuck, unclear, even more exhausted and burdened ~ the opposite of our desired effect. Not the ideal environment for the birthing of continued success…

And where I remain in total gratitude is in this next sentence: I knew this. We all know this: focus creates and IS the ideal environment for health. Not only in our bodies but in our businesses. And not only in our businesses but in our families…

And I suppose the real lesson here is that our authentic (ultimate) health and happiness lies not in trying it all, dabbling or turning every stone, but in focus ~ dear little old, you-get-very-little-attention FOCUS…

Take one path, one path at at time...

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  1. Ann permalink

    Again, you give me insight and make me think! I’m confused though.
    I’m in pain, I’m very limited and in fact all I can do is wait. That’s simple enough and I have surrendered to that fact. I even have been enjoying the slower pace. Running around, trying to achieve SOMETHING/ANYTHING used to be my way of operating. It just wore me out, made me anxious & grumpy.
    I’m slower, more patient and relaxed now and I know it is my path. I’m staying on it. Is that my focus as well? Or am I going to find focus through this simple path?
    Because at the end of the day, I’m an achiever. I need to move forward, I know this about myself.
    You seem to have gained so much success while healing. This again, inspires me.
    I think your message is pay attention, your path is in front of you even in times of difficulty and it is simple answers that get you there.
    Am I close?
    Love you & your work,
    xxx Ann

  2. Yes Ann you are correct…and it’s also about not trying to do everything, trying all types of things. In my case it was seeing all types of doctors, taking all kinds of pills…I didn’t allow myself to sit very long with one way/one path. Taking one path one path at a time is essentially saying try one thing, give it a good go and see, truly see, if it’s for you. That’s the only way you know…

    If it’s not THE way then after that solid effort, giving ourselves permission to try a different path…

    I love your support. Thank you@

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