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The greatest affair is to move!

May 29, 2012

Moving keep us young; thriving.

movement is vital to the success and enjoyment of life. A sage poet once said The greatest affair is to move and to that I say why yes, yes it is.

June will mark a move to live and work in Amsterdam through late August. This will be the seventh move I’ve made in ten years of owning the business and contrary to popular belief, it’s been the best fuel for growing my brand; growing in strategic creativity.

I teach clients there’s nothing technical about branding their business (hello, authenticity)…I empower women in knowing there’s no box we need to fit ourselves in. Moving or move-ment of any kind helps remind us of this fact. Specifically, the anonymity afforded by travel of any kind gets us out of our head and out of any limitations we think may be there. For me, the anonymity found via travel and expat-living has been a most powerful tool.

This move will also mark the fourth move my husband, son and I will make in our seven years as a threesome; it’s the third international move we’ve made. “Modern-day gypsy family”? Yes. And anonymity works wonders here too. Just as entrepreneurs do, families need time to create anew; to grow into more of who they want to be.

If necessity is the mother of invention then I say moving or movement of any kind is the mother of re-invention. Re-inventing in both business and family is juicy. Juicy, I tell you.

What do YOU want?

What do you think about all the time?

Have a business? Want to travel while you work?

Have a family? Want to show them the world?

This is how:
1. Pump up your mindset (check out the MGI “Branding is not a dirty word” article under Work & Money section on Elephant Journal). In other words, let mindset be your mojo.

2. Find your version of anonymity…create time to be in-tune. Find time alone so you can work ON the vision you have for your life; to work ON your business not just IN it.

3. Remember that your entrepreneurial fire can be used in SO many other ways than just straight up business. Use the charge and drive you have!

4. Plant the seed…this comes in the shape of discussing it with those most important to you and to those that could actually help you make it a reality.

5. Tell as many others as will listen about the desire and plan you have. Thoughts grow stronger as they are shared. Oh yes and don’t forget, we get what we focus on most of the time. Focus on what you want!

6. Look into visas, longer vacation options for your partner/spouse, work options, sign up for (video) skype and, lastly, check out 😉 You’ll be amazed at how many YES’s you’ll get once you start asking.

If it’s not moving overseas, take similar steps to move forward on that one you think about most of the time. We forget this fact but our human purpose is to do that which we dream about; to stretch to our edges (there are scientific studies on this). Similar to yoga, the truth is the more we stretch, the better we feel both in our physical and emotional bodies (yes, even if our knees are knocking doing it).

Be moved to accomplish what you want.

And to end, a note to Moms: As I state in the how to be a Walking Momtra™ book “When we focus on our happiness, we raise happiness…”. Doing what you desire is not selfish, it’s an opportunity to make the entire family ~ happy.

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