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Start with the positive except for in this one instance!

June 19, 2012

In the worlds of biz coaching, yoga teacher training and parenting we are told the way to communicate effectively (inspire the best in another) is to share what you WANT someone to do vs what you DON’T want them to do.

“Don’t round your back” in yoga would be “Remember to keep the length in your spine” and “Don’t run” in the parenting of an active, accident-prone six year old might be “I would like for you to walk next to me and hold my hand“.  Please and thank you’s of course are sprinkled throughout as is an understanding that choosing our words and intentions wisely help to create a clarity in-relationship. Phrasing things “in the positive” also helps create an image the person we’re engaged with can actually hold onto. Powerful.

Now, there’s always exceptions to a rule…

And didn’t Buddha say to travel the middle path and avoid a life of extremes?

With that said, I say this may be the only phrase I believe in using and repeating (hello mantra/Momtra) that’s not “in the positive”:

Don’t import other people’s limitations //// Do brand your life as one that’s led by your drive and desires.

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  1. I never thought about it like that before! Awesome! =]

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