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Neuro-science + a little bit of happiness (and Today’s Momtra)

July 2, 2012

Today I heard a neuro-scientest (Tedtalk “Why a neuro-scientist would study meditation”) talk about something I love ~ we get what we think about most of the time. And, more specifically, when we think something over and over again we put in our “order”, so to speak, to the universe of what we want it to bring to us. This may sound woo-woo but it’s true. It’s like karma; what we put out we get back in spades ~ or boomerangs aimed straight at our pretty little heads.

The young and cute Professor Willoughby of Brown University essentially said we get better at that which we practice. Simple, right? I think we’ve all known that since we were young. However, what we don’t realize is that this is just as true for all the things  we don’t mean to be “practicing”.

The more we worry, bash ourselves, others or play into guilt or fear, we grow the muscle of that particular belief/feeling. Those feelings then become “automatic” and “effortless” to steal her words (“neuro networks” = also mentioned). These things then become our habits. They define us and therefore define the amount of happiness we allow into our lives and subsequently into the lives of our families.

We must think about what we want to create and watch our thoughts; chase those away that are not helping us live the kind of life we want.

Today’s Momtra: I chase a negative thought out immediately with a positive one, repeat 3x.

Focus on your happiness so you can RAISE happiness.

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