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“Branding is not a dirty word” (My Elephant Journal article)

July 26, 2012

Branding is not a dirty word. (article first published by Elephant Journal)

But what we say to ourselves, or worse, repeat, may be. “Dirty” are the things that we say to ourselves that get us off track, that make us shrink versus shine and stop when success is just around the corner. “Branding” is merely a reflection of how much we believe (drum roll please) we’re enough. In other words, the act of creating our mark in the business world starts and ends with how deeply we’re in bed with our monkey mind.

Through our thoughts we are making laws for ourselves. If they’re fruitful, we build the business of our dreams. If they’re not, we build something much different.

The success of your brand (cha-ching and just general happiness in business) is directly related to what you think and say to yourself most of the time.

We are what we think about most of the time.

How visible and transparent do you believe you can be without hurting business—without it being too much? How often do you repeat “Can I really say that? Is that professional? Will I turn potential clients off?” How much strength do you tell yourself you have to keep going, to keep jumping (no net)?

(Note: the keep jumping part of entrepreneurship never goes away. If you’re not on that skinny branch, you’re not playing big enough, you’re not thinking big enough of yourself.)

How are the mantras (or Momtras for the Moms out there) you repeat working for you? Do they make you feel like an up, crap or a down dog? Are they moving mountains to the level of success you want or are they strapping Kilimanjaro-sized mountains to your back? Hello, Sherpas!

Be honest with yourself, is what you say from 9-5 dirty?

(We’re all ambassadors of the truth here at elephant journal, it’s ok.)

How will you change them to experience greater success and contentment in business and in your body? Here is the deepest secret that nobody knows (thank you E.E. Cummings), “Where branding starts and ends is mindset.”

Our mindset determines our mojo. Mojo determines our marketing. Everything we say to ourselves is branding our next move and molding our next communication.

And unless you have a coach, a loving, sage partner or heart-based marketing guru on your shoulder pushing you to mold the communication differently (as in “inject more you, please!”), it’s a long road, as in the not-so-fun kind. We all want to be more ourselves and it doesn’t have to stop at the door of our business. Our business is us.

We must learn new mantras or evolve them to evolve our business.

We must repeat the mantras of “I’m enough” and “the only real proven strategy to success is being me” and allow these to inspire and move the way we share, create and publish under our businesses umbrella.

If entrepreneurship success is based on less than 20% of our technical ability (as in your trade or area of expertise), it’s in our very best interest to Mr. Clean our dirty self-thoughts and create an authentic relationship with our branding. It’s the only sustainable thing. And like I said the only real, sure-fire strategy to success.

Branding is not a dirty word if we start having different conversations with ourselves. We don’t have to be anyone else or follow anyone else’s model.

Branding that you’ll understand is the kind where you let yourself shine.

With 10 years in the business with brands such as got milk?, Starbucks and Nike as well as 10 more years doing branding on my own, I say, “That’s branding in a nutshell, no smoke or mirrors, no fitting ourselves within a box of any size because you make the box! There is nothing technical about branding. It’s taking what you already have and shining a light on it, grit, glory and all.”

Put more skin in—do this consistently and see connections and ideal clients magnetize their way into your living room.

So, how to do work on the mindset so the branding works?

The tantalizing three:

1.  Remember that everything we repeat, our mantras/Momtras, is cementing a belief we take with us to everything we communicate, in life and business. What will I do to make this happen (repeat 1000x). This just isn’t going to happen, I just don’t see a way (repeat very little).

We are what we think about most of the time. The second we think then repeat something we’ve put in our order to the universe.

2. Think of your wise self 10 years down the line having accomplished what you set out to do in business. What would she/her tell you to do more of because it not only worked to skyrocket business but skyrocket your joy?

3. Make this your new mantra/Momtra: more you, more sales.

There is only one guru: you.



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  1. What a great blog post! I just love this: “Through our thoughts we are making laws for ourselves. If they’re fruitful, we build the business of our dreams. If they’re not, we build something much different.” I’m so grateful for an encouraging mother who always taught me about the “power of my thoughts and words”. ONLY positive here…when negativity comes my way – I refuse to let it near me! Love Walking Momtra!

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