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Alignment in business and branding.

August 22, 2012

As I create my first-ever branding course inspired and created here in Holland, I have had authenticity (and charisma ~ one word in the title of my program) on the brain. Wouldn’t you agree it’s the only sustainable thing? But as I’ve mentioned maybe a couple times before, it’s also the greatest paradox. It’s the easiest thing to be ourselves and then it’s the hardest.

There’s a boat loud of reward that comes with aligning who we are with how our businesses talk, walk and shine.

As I create modules and get support in the birthing of this new biz baby, I am reminded of some things I always think about when I travel…

1. How similar we all really are. We’re all in search of our identity…of what makes us really tick.

2. Though anonymity in travel has its benefits…playing small and being invisible isn’t always comfortable, at least not for long. We’re meant to connect with others…with our ideal clients and we’re meant to do work that helps us feel alive.

and 3. Though there are a tremendous number of languages in the world, only one…that of connection, sharing and a level of transparency is what moves us to trust another and create meaningful relationships.

As I leave Holland in the morning after seven weeks, I feel alive, re-energized and that next page of myself…travel really does help you come back to that. And from here…well, this is probably the greatest space to be birthing from.

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