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Sunday’s Momtra (three words and an elephant on safari).

September 16, 2012

photo taken near the Masai Mara in Kenya

I thought about creating the “Wag more, bark less” Momtra (as inspired by bumper stickers seen in Lake Tahoe) but instead chose the simpler version and an elephant vs a dog. 😉

I remember being so unbelievably touched by elephants on this safari. What an incredible honor it was to witness how soft, intuitive and nurturing a larger than life animal can be and most especially with their young. We can learn so much from those around us, it’s true. And we can learn the most from ourselves…in how we seek out what we really want from life, from business, from partners, from parenthood.

Sometimes it takes simply acting the way we want to feel…wagging more than we bark, smiling more than we frown and walking taller than we truly feel in that moment. When we do this consistently enough we move from the “I find” to the “I am” of contentment…we realize that happiness (or any version thereof) can be our only function.



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