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“Nothing has a separate self” said the seven year old (a message for life and business)

October 9, 2012

My son (7) and I discussed nature vs. nurture last week as we walked through a rose garden.

After describing what each was and how people thought of each, I asked him which he thought was more true.

His response: “Well the basic Buddhism comic book says that nothing has a separate self and that everything is interconnected.”

Me: “So do you think it’s more nature or nurture that is more true?”

Him: “Well, it’s nurture, of course.”


How could you nurture others in your life and business more to grow and GO to that next level? How could you stop solo-preneuring and start soaring?

There is such empowerment through partnership and most definitely through recognizing the truth no matter what stage or age…we really are more powerful together than apart 😉

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