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Wanderlust…you too?

October 22, 2012


[Today’s Momtra] My wanderlust is wanderful (full of wander).

What Walking Momtra doesn’t love a gooood trip…even if it’s just getting lost in a book there is nothing quite like the feeling of being taken away; of feeling the perspective

and pure pleasure of anonymity ~ (Moms especially love the idea of no one knowing our name sometimes)

When we wander and dream in mind and body we learn about ourselves. We stretch and bleed to our edges. It’s not always easy to learn about or live in other cultures (not to mention learn about ourselves) but that’s maybe the point. Life isn’t “supposed to be” easy. But we can make happiness our only function…search it out and create more of it from wherever we are standing.

Knowing that in those confused, grit-filled, even what we perceive to be totally ‘lost’ moments in traveling our path, we are doing exactly what we should be ~ figuring it out ~ is grounding. And that’s really our only charge: continue figuring it (and ourselves) out with as much grace as possible. Resilience ~ perhaps that’s another word for it.

Like a student in a classroom all we are asked to do in our travels on this planet at 7, 37 or 87 is be open, keep trying…just like we do when we travel. And even in the moments when we don’t fully figure it out and it doesn’t go as planned, hey, there’s still a very, very cool gift given ~ a GREAT story to tell at the next boozy dinner party.

I have wanderlust and with great reason…you?

photo taken in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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