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The how to be a Walking Momtra™ blog is one of a few different limbs of the htbawM foundation founded by Michelle Ghilotti Mandel. In the Summer of 2010, Michelle went into a seven month yoga teacher training to delve deeper into yoga philosophy. She came out a better Mother.

Inspired by this fact as well as her long journey through post-partum depression while living as an expat in Amsterdam AND a NYT blog article stating parents were significantly less happy than their non-parent peers, Michelle decided to put her efforts into a book whose mission it was to remind M-O-Ms their happiness is in their control. “Focus on your happiness so you can then RAISE happiness.”

It’s a big and very important conversation about raising the next generation of happy humans. And it so seriously starts with us.

Overall, the book and blog’s vision is to make mindfulness, parenting and the topic of “living with purpose” modern, fun and even slightly un-expected. Michelle loves surprise. And, along with that, she also loves (and knows you love) travel, entrepreneurship ( and design. So there’s some of that mixed in as well. Read on, peruse the articles and if you are so inclined, please subscribe so you don’t miss the latest (upper right-hand corner). ________________________________________________________________________________

More about Michelle…

In addition to her professional work, Michelle also gives extensive heart to her family, travels (she has lived in three different countries and six cities in eleven years), photography (friends say there is little she doesn’t photograph), lemon drop making (tall glass, please) and teaching yoga to at-risk youth, women and Moms-in-need in the Los Angeles (the world needs more yoga). Michelle last moved from Guadalajara, Mexico to Los Angeles (Jan 2011) where she lives with her husband and seven year old son. The warmth, joie de vivre, and community she experienced in those two years in Mexico will surely make a debut in her musings, as will her four years in Amsterdam.

Lastly, as much as Michelle and htbawM want you to connect weekly to the platform (rock on with the stories, take pause, dig on the Momtras etc), we want to leave you with one small reminder: you do not need anything outside of yourself to be happy. htbawM will simply be here to remind of what you already know. And you’ll know you knew it already because…it will ring so true you’ll want to have a party.

There is only one guru ~ you.

Please stay tuned for more on the book front and look for htbawM and all it has to offer on twitter as walkingmomtra and/or Walking Momtra on facebook, they each share slightly different content. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE on the right side of the blog home page and receive love direct to your inbox.

Oh yes and don’t forget, focus on your happiness so you can RAISE happiness.

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