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Creativity RULES

Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of ~ Geri Weitzman

htbawM is big on creativity. It’s really the only way to get happy ~ to create it for YO self. Creativity stttretches your happiness and that’s what our mission is.

how to be a walking Mantra/Momtra™/Dadtra/Kidtra for that matter: trust in & use that creativity.

1) THINGS THAT MAKE US HAPPY canvas board is a great daily reminder of what makes you, your kids and your partner truly happy. What is everyone passionate about (will be hard to get out of a four year old but you get the idea)? What does each person want to do more of? Or try for the first time? (a big one). The board is both a piece of art of what to get after and a big ol post-it note and all on a quick walk by the fridge, your shower or dresser in the morning. The point is we all have a long list of things we have to do every day and every year but what do we want to do? Yeah, what do you want do?

What to put up. Pin up words, names or photos of people; dates to happy events you’ve always wanted to train for and finally secured a registration for (or, things, in general you are looking forward to); pin “time for yoga” or “(more) bike rides with Dad” if that’s what little man wants to put up. Drawings and photos of things/places that make you feel at peace or even simple words are also allowed. Everything is, from the trés simple, to the abstract to the “IronMan”. Connect with what happy (time well-spent) really means for you, pin it up and do one micro-movement today, and everyday, if possible, towards it. Chewing on these things for another few months won’t bring them to you. Just do it. And, by the way, if you think creativity isn’t your thing, it is.

Opportunity. You can also take this project as an opportunity to teach the kids about feeling comfortable in their own skin or about what it means to prepare for something that’s a ways away and how happiness can come from the daily preparation for something (sure a lot of humorous stuff will come out of this with the littler ones. For older kids this might actually start to connect).

Size. If you’re limited on space or don’t want to take other art down to be able to fit a 3x5ft canvas try doing one small board per person. Ours is an over-sized custom painting canvas on a large wall in the kitchen. Reason for the size: accommodates each person and fits new ideas over a long(er) period of time. It’s also a curious thing to see the progression of what you all decided to put up throughout the year.

All in all, any size, anywhere, just get it up and out there. It really get severything (everyone) moving and keeps you happily accountable for spending the focused time together discussed in “Happy first days of 2011 (you bubbly?)” or, to following things individually which is also muy importante. Click here to read the full post.

Enjoy creating and using the canvas (or canvases) as a daily reminder of your future, honest pursuit of happiness. And of time well-spent.

2. Different than the last but nonetheless creative. You all will think this rules. Laying next to your child after lights out each night, practice taking 5 deep, audible breaths with them. great connection, great way to expend any last energy and a simple relaxation technique they might call back on as they grow.

3. What do you appreciate about your child? First, tell them. Then, go to your nearest art shop and buy a canvas. Sharpie those things you love, appreciate and find unique about them on a small canvas. (You may not call yourself an artist but you can sharpie; we all can sharpie).  Hang this simple work of art ~ and your love for your child ~ in a visible place. Call it a self-esteem and confidence builder. Now, comes maybe the most important part, create a post-it note copy for your bathroom mirror/wallet/car. Look back at this “reminder” frequently. Just because there is stress, an issue or some push back right now doesn’t mean those unique and awesome qualities in your child are gone. Perspective. We ALL have our moments (yes including you), give your kids a break when they have theirs…

4. One way to Show Glow-up for your kids…crouch down. Crouching down can be very creative because it can spark conversations or a connection not available when you’re towering over them and in a rush. Read Glow up post.

5. Start family meetings. Ask:

This new practice might even spark the creation of a family mission statement or family vision board. Check out the links or simply create what you think a mission and vision board for your family might read and look like. Read Glow up post.

6. Start your own ‘Ditch my Cell Phone for 21 days’ experiment

WHAT: They say it takes 21 days to start a new habit.

HOW: No cell phone in purse, man purse or car between hours of (fill in the blank) if out. If at home/home office, cell phone is turned off in another room. As a double-check tell your kids to act as great drill sergeants yelling “NO PHONE it’s (fill in hour block)!”

WHY: (you fill in the blank)

REAP: Rewards.

7. What can be more creative than coming up with your own personalized Momtras to live and walk by? Inject humor or stay more serious, either way, figure out what will keep you most mindful, focused and away from negative self-talk. Mind is a powerful thing; we all have the power to use it more wisely, focus it with a MomtraMomtras RULE.

8. Stay tuned for more Creativity RULES ideas.

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  1. I can’t believe I haven’t seen this yet. OMG. I love this. You really hit home, with clarity, preciseness and heart.

    You rock MGM!

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