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What is a Momtra and how do I recite one?

A Momtra is a mantra or point of focus specifically for Moms.

Momtra comes from mantra which is a sacred word or phrase that is repeated to deeply center oneself; many times considered sacred, it is also capable of creating transformation.

A Momtra then is a Mom-focused mantra that aids in calling in what modern Moms want or need more of. Vital life elements such as peace (while chaos abounds around her), focus (multi-tasking is not always something to champion for or to be champion of), humor (we love ourselves and our offspring best with loads of this floating around), more time for self (which might mean calling in more creativity) and, always, calling in the joy that comes with staying connected to your authentic truth.

how do I recite a Momtra?

Recite and repeat a Momtra with sincerity towards what you are calling in (and is already yours). Momtras do not discriminate. You can practice them wherever you are and whenever you have time.

Momtras are best when repeated to oneself at least 3x. But don’t forget to breathe in and out 3x as well. Momtras and breathing come as a pair. last note: Really see yourself accomplishing what it is that you’re calling in.

Your mind/body/spirit will feel different. Focusing on your happiness, remember, helps you then RAISE happiness.

Jot down any Momtra that resonates into the notepad of that fancy new iPhone 4 and read it when you need it most (visual reminders help to best remember a new concept). Remember this when playing teacher, to yourself or your kids.

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