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How to be a Walking Momtra™?

Momtras™ exist and walk among us. They’re you, your neighbor, your neighbor’s neighbor, the chick you sat next to on the airplane. We are all walking Buddhas and essentially already know what lies on these pages…

We are walking Momtras™ when we allow a life-giving truth that resonates in us to be practiced with dedication.

We are only as good as our last life-giving thought. In other words, we are what we (re)peat so, Mama, choose your Momtras™ wisely.



A Walking Momtra™ is a woman who embraces her individuality. There is only one guru ~ you.

She is someone who embraces the change that is parenthood…and life. And knows that focusing on her happiness helps her RAISE happiness.

A Walking Momtra™ is a woman who doesn’t believe in perfection but in DOing her best everyday, with heart.

A Walking Momtra™ is a woman who attempts to grow the confidence and individuality of her kids, who practices the art of acceptance and who lives with gratitude for all you are, just as you are.

A Walking Momtra™ is a woman who lives chalk-full of anticipation versus minutes, hours and days filled with expectation.

She’s today’s Mom who continually wants to be more self-aware, comfortable in her own skin…happier, for herself and your children.
She’s a woman who is intimately connected to the fact that her children are looking to her for the way to be (and breathe) in the world.
A woman who realizes world peace begins with her own family, and to that end practices:
making time for her bad a** self, regularly.
walking confidently down the path less-traveled
taking it all less seriously (work, home, paparazzi, even her yoga practice ~ all less seriously. Life and yoga wasn’t meant to hurt)
• having back-up plans for if the sitter cancels
• a life of support (vs judgment) of other Moms, therefore really buying into being part of ‘it takes a village’.
• not only showing-up but glowing-up for her kids
• substituting a negative thought with a positive one (there are loads and there IS loads to be grateful for and you know this but if you’re having one of those days, write Walking Momtra™ at and we’ll send you a few thoughts).
taking time for deep breathing. even three breaths during a busy moment is fuel.
choosing Momtras™ and other stories she tells herself WISELY
[how to be a Walking Momtra™ can not impress this upon you enough: you are what you (rep)eat, you are what you (rep)eat, you are what you (rep)eat].

• walking the walk or the daily practicing of these simple yoga truths and Momtras™ for a long period of time, in all earnestness (to all those who have read them and more so to those that have not, this comes straight from the yoga sutras of patanjali

There will be days of equilibrium and nailing your pose and there will be days of disequilibrium. Embrace your inner Walking Momtra™ and plan for this.

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