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Do things your way and love it. (business yoga)


I joke that I have a love affair with the word YES. You too?  If I can think it and dream it, I will do it…no matter how much my knees are knocking on that skinny branch! And even if I trip up the way to doing new things like writing that first book (meeting with my editor today!) or reaching out to our first agent (soon!), re-branding (you too?!) etc that’s ok…

…we are strong, capable women who can brand bruising sexy if we need to. Falling, tripping, “mistakes” ~ they are all STILL getting us way closer to our goal. I think we forget that imperfection is where it’s at. It’s where our human experience is at, first of all but truth be told, like the thrill of a roller coaster ride, it’s also what makes our life worth living. We don’t think it so much in the moment but I think that’s where, as entrepreneurs and successful women we are all moving towards: thinking of it as a “good thing” IN THE MOMENT.

Here is my yogi formula for how to help the knees knocking/stepping on that skinny branch syndrome:

Get into the growth mindset which says that there is always “failure” en route to our goals…when it happens, nod (you knew she might have been coming) and move on as quickly as possible. Just think of everything you’ve done and accomplished: you are resilient. No reason to stop here. You gotta play the full game to the last inning! And, just like in yoga, if you fall, make loud noises en route to a new pose…we all forgive you. We are on the same path. We want to try new, big, bold moves too.

Keep your eyes on your own mat. The way your knees are knocking is almost exactly the same as the way her knees are knocking. However, your path is not the same. The way YOU do business, create your programs, speak on stage and deliver your message is your own…and so resist the urge to copy people…copy principles. That fire and desire you have inside to do the big, new scary things? It means you’re supposed to do them! And do them authentically. If that means not doing online marketing because you don’t feel right or doing it in a new and unique (YOU) way then so be it. We need more diversity in the marketplace! Just like in yoga, if we watch someone else as we are also trying to hold a pose, we fall or waver (maybe even injure ourselves), the same can happen in business. But we hurt something much more meaningful than maybe our physical bodies when we copy people inside our beloved business: we hurt ourselves emotionally. Keep your eyes on your own mat…trust that greater success is coming if you let your uniqueness, genius and quirky side out. Do the big thing you’re thinking about and DO IT YOUR WAY.

Focus that drishti…modify now if you have to! Focus on those things every day that will get you closer to your big vision and goals. Ask yourself “Is this project/action/email/web surfing/reaching out inching me (quantum leaping) me to my vision of speaking on stages/of publishing my first book/of taking on huge clients etc???“…and if it’s not, be wise, be your own guru and modify! Time is a finite commodity and just as when we’re in a yoga class and we see others doing a pose we don’t feel like doing in that moment and so we modify…our entrepreneur lives need to be fed the same. We need to take an honest survey of what we’re about to do each day then modify in that very moment. Simple? Yes. Powerful. 150%.

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!


Wanderlust…you too?


[Today’s Momtra] My wanderlust is wanderful (full of wander).

What Walking Momtra doesn’t love a gooood trip…even if it’s just getting lost in a book there is nothing quite like the feeling of being taken away; of feeling the perspective

and pure pleasure of anonymity ~ (Moms especially love the idea of no one knowing our name sometimes)

When we wander and dream in mind and body we learn about ourselves. We stretch and bleed to our edges. It’s not always easy to learn about or live in other cultures (not to mention learn about ourselves) but that’s maybe the point. Life isn’t “supposed to be” easy. But we can make happiness our only function…search it out and create more of it from wherever we are standing.

Knowing that in those confused, grit-filled, even what we perceive to be totally ‘lost’ moments in traveling our path, we are doing exactly what we should be ~ figuring it out ~ is grounding. And that’s really our only charge: continue figuring it (and ourselves) out with as much grace as possible. Resilience ~ perhaps that’s another word for it.

Like a student in a classroom all we are asked to do in our travels on this planet at 7, 37 or 87 is be open, keep trying…just like we do when we travel. And even in the moments when we don’t fully figure it out and it doesn’t go as planned, hey, there’s still a very, very cool gift given ~ a GREAT story to tell at the next boozy dinner party.

I have wanderlust and with great reason…you?

photo taken in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Nothing has a separate self” said the seven year old (a message for life and business)

My son (7) and I discussed nature vs. nurture last week as we walked through a rose garden.

After describing what each was and how people thought of each, I asked him which he thought was more true.

His response: “Well the basic Buddhism comic book says that nothing has a separate self and that everything is interconnected.”

Me: “So do you think it’s more nature or nurture that is more true?”

Him: “Well, it’s nurture, of course.”


How could you nurture others in your life and business more to grow and GO to that next level? How could you stop solo-preneuring and start soaring?

There is such empowerment through partnership and most definitely through recognizing the truth no matter what stage or age…we really are more powerful together than apart 😉

We are the painters.

We really are the painters.

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Sunday Momtra

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Have a great week.

Sunday’s Momtra (three words and an elephant on safari).

photo taken near the Masai Mara in Kenya

I thought about creating the “Wag more, bark less” Momtra (as inspired by bumper stickers seen in Lake Tahoe) but instead chose the simpler version and an elephant vs a dog. 😉

I remember being so unbelievably touched by elephants on this safari. What an incredible honor it was to witness how soft, intuitive and nurturing a larger than life animal can be and most especially with their young. We can learn so much from those around us, it’s true. And we can learn the most from ourselves…in how we seek out what we really want from life, from business, from partners, from parenthood.

Sometimes it takes simply acting the way we want to feel…wagging more than we bark, smiling more than we frown and walking taller than we truly feel in that moment. When we do this consistently enough we move from the “I find” to the “I am” of contentment…we realize that happiness (or any version thereof) can be our only function.






Today’s Momtra, a chip off the old block…

Just like a 16 year old with a new license, sometimes all we need is a spin around the block…

It’s ALL in what we tell ourselves (and the Wednesday Momtra)…

Alignment in business and branding.

As I create my first-ever branding course inspired and created here in Holland, I have had authenticity (and charisma ~ one word in the title of my program) on the brain. Wouldn’t you agree it’s the only sustainable thing? But as I’ve mentioned maybe a couple times before, it’s also the greatest paradox. It’s the easiest thing to be ourselves and then it’s the hardest.

There’s a boat loud of reward that comes with aligning who we are with how our businesses talk, walk and shine.

As I create modules and get support in the birthing of this new biz baby, I am reminded of some things I always think about when I travel…

1. How similar we all really are. We’re all in search of our identity…of what makes us really tick.

2. Though anonymity in travel has its benefits…playing small and being invisible isn’t always comfortable, at least not for long. We’re meant to connect with others…with our ideal clients and we’re meant to do work that helps us feel alive.

and 3. Though there are a tremendous number of languages in the world, only one…that of connection, sharing and a level of transparency is what moves us to trust another and create meaningful relationships.

As I leave Holland in the morning after seven weeks, I feel alive, re-energized and that next page of myself…travel really does help you come back to that. And from here…well, this is probably the greatest space to be birthing from.

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